2023 AD Sales

Here's a digital copy of our program!  Hard Copies will be coming soon

Thank you to all of our sponsors this year!

A huge thanks to Seanna for putting this all together

2023 GKC Ad Sales General Information, Dates and Rules

General Information





The expectation is that everyone will follow the rules 

In the event that there is an issue, coaches, players and possibly GKC Board members will be brought into the discussion to help resolve. 

If you have an issue or concern regarding ads that cannot be addressed via the website, please email: 

girls contact e-mail () or boys contact e-mail () .

(Reminder that the Master AD Sales Spreadsheet is VIEW ONLY - Stephanie and Kelli update the information on the sheet based on information entered in the Data Entry Form)

If you need to print more GKC AD Sales Forms Click Here 

Ad Sales Sheet

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