2022 AD Sales

2022 GKC Ad Sales General Information, Dates and Rules

General Information

  • Ad Sales are an opportunity to offset the player fees associated with the JDHS Soccer program.

  • For the most part, players that sold an ad to a business last season will have the first opportunity to contact that business this year.

  • Players inherit previous year's sibling ads.

  • New players and freshman will be able to pick up previous years unclaimed ads at the February 28 meeting or at the first practice.

  • Players that hand in sold ads money and artwork on time will receive credit for 75% of the fees for ads sold while the GKC will keep 25% for program costs. Late ads will switch to a 50/50% player credit.

  • Proceeds may be used for player fees only. Player fee this season is $600.

  • Players accounts DO NOT carry over to the following season. Funds raised beyond a player’s obligation will go to support the program.

  • Fundraised funds cannot go towards the purchase of personal items such as warm-ups, socks, team-shirts...per JSD policy.


  • Ad sales begin February 29, 2022.

  • March 18, is the last day players will have to make contact with their assigned ads.

  • Businesses not contacted by the 18th will be made available to other players to pursue. We ask that players wait until noon March 19th to allow time for the Spreadsheet to be updated.

  • March 25th is the last day to turn in sold ads money and artwork to receive credit 75/25%.

  • March 29th is the last day to turn in sold ads money and artwork to receive credit 50/50%


  1. View the list before contacting a business to make sure they have not already been contacted or assigned to another player.

  2. Do not contact a business that has been contacted or has another player’s name assigned.

  3. Report only businesses you have contacted; not businesses you have yet to contact or intend on contacting. (Refrain from attaching your name to a bunch of ads, as we have many players in the program)

  4. As soon as a business has been contacted please remember to fill in the ONLINE AD Sales Form below and comment leaving your name(first and last), the business name, whether or not they are buying an ad, and the size of the ad. If a business declines, we want to know that too.

  5. Ads without names already attached to them will have the credit go to the first player reporting business contact to the Online Ad Sales Form.

  6. Players should turn in ad forms (completely filled out!), artwork and money to their coach. Digital artwork can be sent to jdgoalkeepersclub@gmail.com


The expectation is that everyone will follow the rules

In the event that there is an issue, coaches, players and possibly GKC Board members will be brought into the discussion to help resolve.

If you have an issue or concern regarding ads that cannot be addressed via the website, please email:

girls contact e-mail (myrapugh@hotmail.com) or boys contact e-mail (buss.steph@gmail.com) .

(Reminder that the Master AD Sales Spreadsheet is VIEW ONLY - Myra and Stephanie update the information on the sheet based on information entered in the Data Entry Form)

If you need to print more GKC AD Sales Forms Click Here

Ad Sales Sheet

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